It's a Collab Brew like no other!

By Elaine Robertson

It's a Collab Brew like no other!

All Aboard the Flavor Train! We are excited to announce a collaboration that's been brewing behind the scenes here at The Goodness Brewery.

Introducing our latest creation: Good Service On All Lines, a delicious Cold IPA born from our partnership with TFL and Beer52.  Strata, Mosaic and Cryo Pop collide to make a Cold IPA for the greatest transport network in the world. delicious tropical favours you love from east coast juices float weightlessly in a crisp, clean modern IPA.

Inspired by over a century of iconic TFL posters, our journey through the TFL archives ignited a spark of creativity that's truly one-of-a-kind. Drawing inspiration from the mixed media masterpieces of They're Lee-Elliott, Abram Games, and Edward McKnight Kauffer, we've crafted a beer that pays homage to the rich heritage of London's transportation system.

Our label, meticulously designed to resemble a paper cut with photorealistic elements, is a testament to the artistry and innovation that defines TFL's legacy. With every detail meticulously curated, we invite you to take a journey through time and taste with each sip.

What's more, we're thrilled to announce that  Good Service On All Lines is officially licensed by TFL and will be exclusively available in the Beer52 box. 

Let's raise a toast to the intersection of history, creativity, and great taste! Here's to collaboration and innovation that keeps London's spirit alive, one sip at a time.