Embrace the Modern Goddess: Luna Irish Dry Nitro Stout

By Elaine Robertson

Embrace the Modern Goddess: Luna Irish Dry Nitro Stout

In the vast tapestry of ancient Roman mythology, Luna shines as the divine embodiment of the Moon. Fast forward to our modern era, and Luna takes on a new form as the epitome of the perfect stout in our brewery. Picture this: a velvety smooth nitro stout with a creamy head that invites you to dive into its rich depths with every sip.


What sets Luna apart is its impeccable balance. It's a dance of bitterness and a dry finish that leaves your palate yearning for more. Imagine the robust essence of dry coffee intertwined with the smoothness of an Irish-style stout, all harmonized by a river of rich bitterness that flows just right. It's our own take on a timeless classic, crafted with care and attention to detail.


At a modest 4.2% ABV, Luna Stout beckons you to experience its allure in person. It's only available on draft, which means you'll need to venture into the real world to discover its magic. Picture yourself in your favorite local pub, surrounded by friends or making new connections, all while savoring the indulgent flavors of Luna Stout.


But wait, there's more! While Luna may be an exclusive pub delight, you can still bring a piece of our brewery home with you. Explore the rest of our core range right here on our website, where you can find a variety of beers that cater to every taste bud and occasion.


So, whether you're seeking a transcendent stout experience or looking to stock up on your favorite brews, let Luna guide your journey. Embrace the modern goddess of stout and elevate your beer-drinking adventures today! Cheers to good times, great company, and exceptional brews.