Our Beer

Our Beer

We love beer and we love brewing so we’ll have lots of one-off and experimental treats for you to try at our taproom. Alongside these we have a few old friends you can enjoy in pubs and bars across the land.


Yes! is our delicious Session IPA – Dry hopped with Citra, Ekuanot, Mosaic and Simcoe T90 and Cryo-hops.

Packed with juicy tropical flavours, a lovely soft mouthfeel from the addition of oats and its relatively low ABV makes Yes! is a truly sessionable beer.


Sunshine is our offering to those of you who like a nice easy drinking beer. A Kölsh style lager, with low bitterness and a delicious fruity finish provided by its yeast. We love drinking it on a summer’s day.

4.5% ABV

Sunset is a hoppy red ale. Not as in your face as other dry hopped beers but with a lovely dankness brought by our old friend Columbus and delicious toffee and caramel flavours from its layering of dark malts. This is a great beer for anyone who likes to savoir their pint while contemplating the world.